Oh The Thinks You Can Think!

As a child, I remember spending countless hours pretending. . . dashing around outside imagining I was Maid Marian of Robin Hood who also happened to carry around her own bow and arrow set (which I made from sticks and rubber bands) used to fight off the King's army. . . or perhaps I was Sioux Chef, creating my next delectable mud pie recipe. . .

It seems these days with all of the technology, TV, and video games, it is on rare occasion that kids actually get outside for a new adventure, imagining they are in a world of endless possibilities! For Gage's kindergarten end of year party, I wanted to encourage the kids to keep reading, keep imagining, and create their own countless hours of whimsical fun in a realm they fabricated. What better book is there to encourage such ingenuity than Dr. Seuss's "Oh the Thinks You Can Think"!

We started the party off right by reading about all the fanciful things in Suess's imaginative world, then enjoyed eating some "schlopp", and finished by drawing pictures of our own extravagant ideas. It was so fun to have the kids share their own bizarre ideas! Fnally, as a send off gift, the kids went home with a bag full of treats and a bookmark I made using my own custom carved stamp set, check it out:

Fun, eh?! Did you know that you can now order Undefined Carving Rubber only in packs of three? This is a great way to practice up on your stamp carving skills!

. . . Let your imagination be endless!


  1. Jaw dropping Uh Mazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously! You nailed it so well if you didn't show the image of your carved stamps I never would have believed it was hand carved! Lol!

  2. What the hell????? I JUST noticed this. Ohhhhhhh My. God. Can you please send this to me... Jokes... sort of!!! We love the Lorax here... and all things Seuss. ;)

  3. OH! MY! HEAVENS!!!! There are no words...