Stampin' Up! Artisan Blog Hop-&

Welcome back for another Stampin' Up! Artisan Design Team Blog Hop! This year is an international team, so be sure to travel around the world with us as as we share our creativity and ideas with you!

I {heart} mugs.

I must have my morning coffee to survive the day.

I made a fun {ampersand} coffee mug using the Birthday Bash Designer Washi Sheets, the You Plus Me stamp set, and some porcelain chalk paint. Check it out:

Fun, eh?! And. . . super easy to make! Here's how:

Stamp your stamp on a washi sheet.
Use an exact-o knife to cut the image out.
Save the cut out, you could use it to make a mug with a mirror image. Place the negative (or positive, depending on what you want your mug to look like) on your mug.
Paint over the mask with porcelain chalkboard paint. Allow ample time to dry.

Remove the mask, and you have your custom mug!

Let's go see the details on Cindy's project, shall we?!

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  1. What a fab project Becky! Love that curvy ampersand :) Vicky x

  2. oooh how great!!! very inspiring and now i know what i can do with those sheets! thanks!!

  3. Fabuleux ! Je m'en vais chercher quelques mugs tout de suite ;)

  4. This is really amazing! Now...I'm not so sure about that knife in MY hands but clearly you are a pro! This cup is fabulous!

  5. How awesome! Now you could add YOU and ME on it with a marker! I'm getting a marker today in the mail that's supposed to be dishwasher safe for mugs. Wish I had the washi sheets and the paint to replicate this! Great job!

  6. Do you think this would be dishwasher safe? Holly what is the name of the market you are getting? Awesome project!

    1. Judy, as long as you use a chalkboard paint specific for this project then YES! Once baked, it becomes microwave and dishwasher safe! I bought my paint off of Amazon, I am sure you can find it elsewhere as well, but I live out in the sticks so it was easiest for me to order it online. Here is the link to purchase it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Pebeo-Porcelaine-45-Milliliter-Bottle-Chalkboard/dp/B003Q0YYGC