A Coloring Challenge

I love to color. . . as a child I spent hours with my beloved crayons, colored pencils, markers, and coloring books! I entered and won a few coloring contest, and even gave out free coloring lessons to a few of my friends! It was by far my most favorite childhood pastime.

With my hectic and crazy life as a wife, mother, employee, demonstrator, design team member, cook, maid, gardener, etc. . . . I have found myself so busy that I often times forget to slow down and enjoy the simpler things. . . like coloring! I forgot how calming and relaxing this simple pastime can be. So I challenged my club members to take the time to sit down and color. . . anything. . . just color! Here are their creations:


  1. I love the card created by Katie Shea and I would love some details about what product and techniques were used!

    1. Kim, it's amazing, isn't it?! Would you mind e-mailing me about her card, and I will be sure to forward it to her? I have a pretty good idea what products/techniques she used, but it may be better coming directly from her! Thanks!!