A Creative Journey

Hello Everyone! Today I am over at the Stampin' Up! Corporate Blog sharing a creative mistake journey, and some fun cards I created with a stamp that I carved with the Undefined Stamp Carving Kit. . . be sure and go check it out!

Here are a few more details on the "nerdy-bird" bookmark card. . .

Gage loves to read. Well, actually, he loves for me to read to him! Regardless of who is reading. . .  this is something we enjoy doing together. The great part of our "reading time" is that I can use my reading to him as leverage for him to first get his reading homework done. The deal is, he gets his reading homework done, then I will read him a chapter out of his favorite chapter book. Is that bad? I don't know. . .  but for now, it works! The problem is that we are always loosing what chapter we are on as the flimsy bookmarks we create with a torn sheet of paper always seem to wiggle their way loose and fly out of the book. . . the solution? A bookmark with magnets to keep it in place! 
It keeps our place perfectly regardless of the crazy journey the book may take!

This bookmark can also double as a gift by sliding it onto a cardstock panel of a card raised up with dimensionals.
Bonus, with the Alphabet Rotary stamp you can customize your bookmark with your favorite quote, short poem, phrase, or pun!
 Hope you enjoyed! Remember to visit my post over at Stampin' Up! to see more fun ideas and cards with this stamp!

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  1. This is right up my nieces alley! She's a big owl fanatic and loves to read, hope I remember thus in May when I make her card!