Fancy Friday-Tags

Welcome to another Fancy Friday! This month we bring you TAGS. . . well, sort of. . . I took a very liberal translation of this month's theme. . . my "tag" is actually a bookmark. . . though, it could double as a tag?!
When I saw this set (and the samples) in the occasions catalog, I fell in love! I was inspired by the sample in the cattty to create this bookmark for Gage's teacher. I LOVE this sentiment, it has soooooo many different meanings for me. But the thought that came to me when I first read it was my precious Gage. He has had many a struggles in his little life, but I have hope that with all of the amazing influences in his life (especially his wonderful and amazing first grade teacher), he will surpass his struggles and the amazing soul that is inside of him will shine from the inside out. There is a myth that a blue butterfly is a sign of hope. . . couldn't be more fitting.

Now, let's see what Cathy has created, shall we?!



  1. These bookmarks could make great gifts this Christmas.... thanks for the idea, I think I will be making some. I LOVE that die

  2. As an educator in training, I know that this gift will be greatly appreciated. It is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!